Lake Tawakoni, TX
February, 2011

Some BSCA Members and Friends just couldn’t wait until Spring and decided to head south to catch some pigs.

Gizzard 20 pounder

Keith C. 54 pounder

Dick with a 36 lbs blue

Dick with an 18 pounder

Keith C. with a 49lber

Rich and John Fegley

Dick’s Double

15lb Flathead caught in the cast net!

Bobby enjoying the Texas Sun

56.4 pounds

58.4 pounds Biggest Fish for Rich’s Trip

Rich Fegley 36lbs

Richard Weaver 50 Pounder

Richard and Bernard Weaver

Go Time! Until next year!

38 pound and 27 pound double Blue cats

38 pounds

Brother John Fegley 28 pound

John’s 43 pound Blue

50 pounds