BSCA Browns Lake, Salix, IA


Saturday April 27, 2013

1st Place Jerry and Jerry Jr. Limoges

2nd Place Jeremy Ertman and Brandon DeBoom
 4th Place Mark Morey and sara Pike
  3rd Place Adapto Campos and Zoilo


Saturday October 13, 2012

1st Place Keith and Jen
nifer Copenhaver

2nd Place Adayto Campos

3rd Place Dick Hinrichsen
 4th Place Rick Huls and Dave Kubal 
5th Place and Big Fish
Socheath Kan and Jason Yahola


Saturday May 26, 2012
1st place and Big Fish

2nd place
3rd place

4th place

5th place

6th place

7th place

8th place

9th place

10th place


Saturday May 21, 2011

Big Fish

1st place

2nd Place
3rd place

4th Place

5th place
6th Place

7th Place

8th place
9th Place

10th Place


Saturday October, 2nd 2010

1st Place Dick Hinrichson

2nd Place Jerry Limoges and Hector
3rd Place Brandon Hass and Josh Mapes

4th Place Scott and Jason Ross

5th Place Rick Huls and Tami Raabe

6th Place Austin Walrod and Jeff Junck

7th Place
Not Pictured
Keith Copenhaver and Chris Sharp

8th Place John and Ron Allen

9th Place Alan Copenhaver and Kyle Zelmer

10th Place Steve Hanson and Kasey Willson
Big Fish Kyle Zelmer and Alan Copenhaver

Awesome door prizes all thanks to
Dick’s Bait Shop in Riverside!!!